The Right Time To Apply For An MBA?

A lot of candidates these days wonder when should they enroll for an MBA. Due to the high costs involved, it is also a decision that must be accurate.

Especially this year, as everyone explores whether they should defer from admissions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students opt for taking classes online nonetheless.

However, experts say that there is no right or wrong time for enlisting in an MBA. It depends on a few levers which are mentioned below:


The age of the applicant plays a major role in the program they want to pursue. The average age of students in the Post Graduate Program in IIM Bangalore was 24 years during 2017–2019. On the other hand, for IIM Ahmedabad, the average age this year was from 21–25 years. You could check the same for the program and the B-school you are aiming for.

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Many people face stagnation in their careers and think it would be a great time for getting an MBA. It is because they can add a degree to their profile and learn a new set of skills.

Another reason for enrolling in a Business school could be to completely change their work industry. A person could switch from development to marketing just by getting a PGP degree. Nevertheless, it might be a difficult task if a person tries to switch both, the functionality and the industry that they have previously worked in.

A person would also want to get an MBA for monetary reasons. Multiple people invest in the degree to get a job with a better income and it is the case most of the time too.


If a student has just finished their graduation, chances are they either might not qualify for the Business school or the program would not be of complete benefit to them. For IIM Ahmedabad’s PGPX course in 2019–2020, the average work experience was 8.9 years. Meanwhile, for the PGP course in IIM Bangalore for the years 2020–2022, it is 2 years. Indian School of Business, likewise, requires 2 years of full-time work by March 31, 2021. Keeping this in mind, a candidate can see whether or not they are prepared to get going with their degree.

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While thinking about joining a B-school, a question that might pop into a person’s mind is that “Is MBA a good investment?”

When faced with such a question, one must take a step back and review. The motive behind pursuing the program must be evaluated along with the long term and short term goals one wishes to achieve through the same.

The skills that you possess and the one that you aim for from the course makes the difference. These might differ from program to program but some key expertise you may gain from an MBA include:

  • Decision Making:

While analyzing enormous amounts of data, distinguishing relevant information, and addressing relevant queries, a student gains the skill of making informed decisions.

  • Time Management:

During an MBA there are a bunch of activities, assignments, projects to be completed in a limited time. This way, by the end of the course, you will understand how to effectively divide your time.

  • Networking:

In a traditional MBA, many assignments and projects involve teamwork. Through such activities, students learn the significance of partnership and team-building. However, with the change of the mode of transmission of education to now online, the scope of doing the same has decreased significantly.

By assessing the above factors, a person can check if it is the correct time for them to apply for an MBA. And for getting into the course they like, Crack Admission is here to help. We support at every step, from the start till getting in the B-school, be it ISB or IIM. Our teams comprise of alumni of top business schools and that is the reason that we have a success rate of about 92%. We understand that everyone demands help in different spheres and our diverse pool of consultants make sure that aid is provided to everyone in the way it is needed. Get going on your path to MBA, contact us to know more.

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