I would request the admission committee to consider me for financial aid on account of the unique value I hope to add to the cohort, my academic and professional accomplishments, and to enable me to pursue my entrepreneurial goals faster.

My long-term career goal is to start a climate tech startup to enable energy and utility companies reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging technology. I realize that the space is still nascent, and any idea would take multiple iterations and R&D before achieving product market fit. Hence, even to generate early adoption, I would require funds, which initially I intend to put some of my savings into it. Thus, a scholarship will help me repay my student loan faster and thereby help me to save fast and start the venture.

A great platform for peer-to-peer learning is the USP of ISB PGP Pro. I have 8 years of progressive experience in the Oil & Gas industry in core engineering and advisory. During this tenure, I have led multibillion dollar plant setup projects with RIL, and was promoted twice at Accenture for spearheading onsite assignments in Australia, Belgium, Germany etc. My classmates stand to learn from my understanding of global O&G market, macro and micro trends, energy market transition, best practices of consulting, and the art of nurturing relationships among a highly diverse group of professionals. I was also recognized with a merit cum means scholarship at NIT Warangal for my superlative academic performance.

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