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    About CrackAdmission

  • Yes. We provide guidance and consulting services for all Business schools globally irrespective of geography, type of program, duration, medium of teaching, ranking etc.

  • We have recently started providing consulting services for MS Applications as well. However, the scope of the services currently is limited to programs such as master’s in finance (MFIN), MS Economics, master’s in international management (MIM) etc.

  • No. We provide guidance and consulting services for all types of MBA Programs including and not limited to Executive MBA, Part time MBA, Online MBA, Summer Schools, 2+2 programs, Early Entry Options, STEM MBA etc.

  • We believe there is No One Size That Fits All. With this underlying rationale, we make sure to personalize every client’s application with a lot of empathy and hence an application that is high on EQ comes across in front of admission committees. Because of our large pool of consultants from different professional backgrounds, we are able to map you with someone who has relatively similar experience to what you have pre-MBA or where you want to get into post-MBA. Thus, we provide you information straight out of the horse’s mouth via people who have been there done that.

  • While our HQ is in Gurgaon, India and we have a small office in CA, USA all of our consultants and content writers are dispersed across different parts of the globe.
    Covid-19 or not, we have been working in remote setup since in our inception.
    Presence of consultants across the globe naturally aligns with the support requirements from MBA applicants transcending across geographies.

  • No. While all our consultants are alums from top global Business Schools, as an organization we are not affiliated with any school. There is no monetary incentive for us if you get into one school with our help versus another.

  • We guarantee 100% commitment towards helping you draft a compelling application. However, results are not in our hands since it depends on a whole lot of other external factors beyond yours and our control.

  • We will really appreciate if you give us an opportunity to make a positive impact on the professional lives of your near and dear ones. You can ask the concerned person to drop us an email at contact@crackadmission.com with reference to your name and if possible, the year in which he/she worked with us.

    Consultant Queries

  • All the Consultants who work with CrackAdmission have been thoroughly vetted for their credentials, pedigree of education, professional experience, communication skills, and empathy. Academically, all of them have completed atleast an undergrad course, have graduated from a top MBA program and possess a minimum of 5 years of professional experience. Their profiles range from Management Consultants to Product Managers to Entrepreneurs to Investment Bankers among others.
    So, rest assured! You are in good hands.

  • Refer to the Our Team page of the website for details.

  • Duration of an engagement depends on the number of schools that you have signed up for. We understand that you are most likely a working professional and would be balancing your time across multiple commitments. Hence, we recommend a paced-out engagement plan, where for the 1st school, we will end up spending a minimum of 14 days, and from subsequent schools, a minimum of 7 days.
    Having said this, we also acknowledge that some of you can make a last-minute decision to apply to certain school(s) and hence for such cases we offer an expedited service where the end-to-end engagement time is optimized to 72 hours.

  • We understand the value of consistency and the fact that it takes time to build trust and dependability. Hence, we try to ensure that the same consultant works with you through the admission season irrespective of whether it’s for the 1st or the 7th school you are working with us.

  • The consultant will be available to converse with you over Online Video Conferencing platforms such as Zoom, over a telephone call, over Whatsapp and over emails to the consultant’s company email address. In most cases, the consultant and the applicant are based out of different geographies and hence physical interactions are far and few.

    Can we trust us with your money?

  • Yes. We provide guidance and consulting services for all Business schools globally irrespective of geography, type of program, duration, medium of teaching, ranking etc.

    1. Payment Link:
    2. NEFT

      Account Name: CrackAdmission Technologies Private Limited
      Account Number: 031405006714
      IFSC Code: ICIC0000314
      Bank Name: ICICI

    3. Paypal

      While for our global clients, we recommend PayPal, for our clients from India, we suggest using NEFT or the Payment link, which at its backend can accept common payment modes such as – CC, GPay, Debit Cards, Paytm etc.

  • We believe that both the Applicant and CrackAdmission should have skin in the game and have similar incentives towards the application journey. Our payment plans are aligned accordingly:

    1. To Initiate Service applicant has to make 50% of the Total Service Fee·
    2. After receiving all the deliverable, the applicant has to make the remainder of 50% of the Service fee.
  • Would you get a refund for the can of soda you drank by saying- you didn’t like the taste? You wouldn’t, right?
    We do not guarantee your admission into any school. We provide the best services we can and you can point out your displeasure, if any and we’ll accommodate that and try our best to deliver according to your expectations.

    Application Queries

  • A few of our applicants have been able to get into the likes of ISB, INSEAD with scores as low as 650. So, yeah a relatively lower GMAT score does not seal your fate. An MBA application is a lot more than GMAT.
    To offset the bad score, our consultants will fight tooth and nail to make sure your performance in the other areas is solid.

  • Currently, our services are limited to everything else but GMAT/GRE. Our team of experts have been through the grind themselves so they can definitely help you zero in your weaknesses and strengths. But guidance can be provided as a helping hand and not professionally.

  • Do note that building a well-rounded extra-curricular profile takes years of engagement and contribution. Hence, if you reach out to us before a couple of weeks of your admission deadline, unfortunately we can’t help you build new extra-curricular interests. However, we will work towards translating your existing extra-curriculars (even if you feel they are trivial and less impactful) into meaningful stories of passion. This way we are able to enhance your odds of admission.

  • Ad coms definitely prefer a well-rounded individual. Social contribution is a way of showing that you care about the society and are led by some purpose. So yes, if you’ve been a beacon of light in someone else’s life- talk about that but be genuine. NGO experiences just for the sake of putting them on the resume backfire.

  • Absolutely Yes. We have so far guided 70 plus applicants get into different programs at ISB – PGP, PGPPro, PGPMax, YLP, MFAB, EEO. The fact that our founders are both ISB alums gives us an added advantage in terms of aligning applicant’s stories with the values and expectations of the school.

  • Of course. We are open to working with anyone irrespective of your profile. However, at the start of the engagement, our consultant will finalize the list of schools to work on with you.

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