The most difficult part of suffering from Cervical Kyphosis is perhaps not the unbearable physical pain it inflicts one with, but the uncertainty of a lasting corporate career. Having been diagnosed with the disease at a young age, and with no permanent cure for it, I am heavily dependent on pain-killer injections. Long sitting-hours are catastrophic and immobility, now, a part and parcel of my life. Without a surgery, I will be able to work to my full potential for only a decade more and as time slips by, this is the only period I have to save enough for myself, while I make a notable difference in the fields of child welfare and women empowerment.

I have been looking forward to reviving the woman-and-child-centric NGO that my mother-in-law established a few years ago but could not sustain due to her deteriorating health and personal issues. Aimed at providing the underprivileged with basic education, monetary support, proper training for self-employment and sanitary living conditions, this NGO will help me contribute magnanimously to the society.

Thus, ISB’s scholarship will not only be instrumental in making me financially independent, but also help me realize my burning desire to make a positive difference. 

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