As a math postgraduate, acclaimed classical dancer, community enthusiast, and an experienced product manager, I have donned multiple hats. My eclectic persona, coupled with an enthusiasm to excel, allow me to bring a unique perspective to the class of 2021.

I have always charted my path and strived to excel. My fascination with Mathematics led me to being awarded 0.1 merit certificate by CBSE. I co-authored a paper on ‘Use of graph theory in football’, winning top awards. I risked digression from popular fields to grow within the intriguing social-media industry, and developed a knack for culling insights from data to help mammoth corporate brands. My efforts won me best-employee awards. I identified a shift in customer preference from voice to data, which led to the telecom industry’s first data-rollover plan. To enhance my understanding of product- and-user-experience, I took up a product-manager role at a health-tech startup, where I built the eCommerce wing within six months. I have always been driven by challenges, and will bring the same zeal to Nanyang.

As a community enthusiast, I organized Product Tank, the world’s largest product-management meet-up community. I have ensured high participation at events, even with limited resources. Building on not-one-size-fits-all strategy, I have crowdsourced ideas and organized sessions catering to different learning requirements. I have organized events such as ‘Priorities in Product’ and ‘Women in Tech’, which helped me build a strong professional network, which I plan to leverage as a part of Technology & Innovation Club at Nanyang. I am also part of the Learning & Development team at work, and have created customized learning-modules for recruits to augment their learning curve.

To improve soft skills, I began formal training in Kuchipudi when I was eight, and performed at esteemed cultural centers. The art of narrating mythology in a modern setting improved my understanding of storytelling, and collaboration with various troupe members enhanced my interpersonal abilities. At Nanyang, I would run for co-chair of the Dance & Music club to promote dance as a personality-building tool. My stints in child education and NGOs have added to my emotional quotient, making me a good cultural fit.

Today the global society needs people who are adept at problem-solving, unifying people, and navigating social terrains to build a better world. With my diverse experiences and well-rounded personality, I have the potential to become a value-driven leader who can make impactful contributions to society.

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