I humbly request the esteemed committee to grant me financial support considering my track record of making a positive impact on communities I have been part and to aid me to achieve my long-term career aspirations faster.

My family runs a retail store in a tier 2 city in the southern part of India. While my parents have been running the business profitably for several years, we have not been able to scale the business. My long-term goal is to join hands with my brother and work towards a complete revamp of the business and introduce automation. While I am already familiar with modern-day technologies, the course at UTD will empower me to analyze the data of several years and pinpoint areas in supply chain, manpower, inventory / stocks, and sales to prioritize to create a model that can be repeated across hundreds of stores. I also hope that my efforts will also create new employment opportunities for the locals and result in overall growth of the community. I believe that financial support from the school will help me repay my student debt faster and embark on my entrepreneurial journey.

I have always thrived in a group setting and made sincere attempts to actively contribute to activities that adds value to the whole group. Back in undergrad, as an active volunteer of NSS (The National Service Scheme), I participated and led several community service drives aimed towards social upliftment of the masses. At an operational level, I led activities as part of ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission were to achieve an “open-defecation free” (ODF) India by constructing toilets. From a collaboration perspective, I forged a partnership with Lion’s club International, via which we provided supplementary education classes to especially abled children. I wish to volunteer time at UTD for social impact activities and sensitize my classmates on how each of us can individually and as a community can make meaningful contributions to societal causes and bring about much needed change.

During my time at Hexagon, I was a senior member of the events team in our office. My primary objective was to ensure high participation and engagement in team building events organized in office. By designing eye-catchy posters, including Oscar like employee awards function, distributing spot rewards etc., I ensured 90% plus participation always. I am confident that I will be able to replicate similar results as an office bearer of AIMDB.

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