Admission consultant will critically review your draft, suggest changes and fine tune it

You already have a story, but, don’t know how to say it. We will mould that untouchable story in a structure that not only inspires the readers but also makes the soul of your experiences stand out. We will be the second set of eyes that will polish, reframe, add pointers, and do whatever is necessary to make your essays stellar.

Brainstorm with consultant

Share a brain dump with consultant

Review comments from consultant ; incorporate feedback

Send back updated draft to consultant for finalization

2-3 days for each round of delivery

Word Limit Pricing
300 words US $100
500 words US $150
750 words US $200
1000 words US $225

Less than 24 hours

30% above the base price

We provide an array of servies depending on where you are in your application process

I am super ecstatic!!! Admission status changed from – ‘Waitlist’ to ‘Admitted’ – can’t express my gratitude towards Kevin.


with a BFSI firm

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