Coming from a rural background, where access to good education was very difficult, I have chosen to lead a meritorious life working hard to fetch good grades in school, and then doing well in college to land a decent job to support my family. I have proactively taken out time to teach underprivileged children to make a positive impact in their lives. I also took initiative to form a club where students can share their learnings and help each other grow. I have also won laurels at national level competitions.

I aspire to make positive contributions to the farming community in the long term by setting up a platform, which will enable famers from across India sell their produce at competitive rates directly to end consumers under their own brand. I hope that with my efforts, famers will again feel proud of their profession and India’s economy will be benefitted. Currently, I am the sole earning member of my family, and when I go for MBA, my family will survive on the limited savings I have. The scholarship and need based grant will allow me to start working towards addressing problems within my community without being bogged down by financial burdens.

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