Describe the achievement of which you are most proud and explain why. In addition, describe a situation where you failed. How did these experiences impact your relationships with others? Comment on what you learned

If my successes have made me ambitious to achieve more, my failures have ignited in me the passion to pursue my goals with greater determination! Embracing these steep learning curves and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I have, today, become a better version of myself. 

When, in 2020, I joined Shopee, Philippine’s leading ecommerce platform, in the Babies and Kids segment, I immediately noticed the surprisingly low monthly transactions per customer. While the unorganized marketplace stood as a huge obstacle, our direct competitors from the branded segment ate into our market share. I couldn’t let this situation go worse, could I? So, I proposed a membership-based loyalty program for Filipino mothers, the Shopee Mom’s Club, which entitled them to additional deals, curated collections, as well as relevant parenting content from doctors and other mothers.

The challenges ahead were mountainous! Neither was I a mother, nor did I know the Filipino culture. So, I spoke to Filipino mothers and based on their inputs, created a proposal deck. I got brands to invest in the program in exchange of being featured in our curated collections. Finally, on Mother’s Day, we made our launch with limited budgets and a few brands on board. Voila! It was a roaring success! 

Within 6 months, we acquired 400K+ members, making Shopee the go-to platform for all parenting needs. Putting my heart and soul into the project paid off, making this the greatest achievement of my career!

My passion for children’s products goes back to my days as an undergraduate design student in the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. In fact, I chose the segment for my final design project. After six months of rigorous efforts, the external jury rejected my designs completely, declaring that kids’ clothing was not fashion. I was devastated! Hours of relentless effort had amounted to nothing! Nonetheless, I became resolute to pursue a career in the same field, and soon bagged an opportunity to work on the kids’ clothing line at Max Fashion – India’s biggest value fashion chain. 

Meeting with failure, right at the beginning of my career, ensured I always looked at my projects objectively, and stayed open to feedback. At the same time, my remarkable success in an international market, reinforced the idea that I can use my passion to make a difference for both my organization and customers. All I need, is to believe in myself!

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