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I acknowledge that my academic performance is below the average qualifying GPA, but I also firmly believe is not a just representation of my academic abilities.

Coming from an orthodox background, my parents’ only focus during middle-school was to ensure that I scored high grades. I spent my days surrounded by books, with no exposure to extracurricular activities or social life.

The chance to pursue my undergrad at IBA was a liberating experience. However, living in a hostel surrounded by people from different ethnicities and backgrounds, I realized that I needed a metamorphic genesis to succeed.

I actively started participating in extracurricular activities. I explored the social events at IBA and started to enjoy life! I was involved with the Arts Society, Executive Council of the IBA Music Society, and Hostel Management Committee.

While these opportunities improved my interpersonal skills tremendously and helped develop my leadership skills, the cost I paid was compromised academic grades.

In retrospect, I realize the importance of balancing multiple work-streams and prioritizing jobs strategically. I took this as a learning experience and managed to score a 90th percentile in GRE while juggling the pressure of highly demanding tasks of crucial government collaborations at my job. 

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