How I Nearly Destroyed My Chance to Get an Admit with One Stupid Phrase during My MBA Admissions Interview

Mistakes to avoid in MBA Admissions Interview

As a student who has been through the grueling MBA admissions process, I have plenty of stories to share, both of success and mistakes I did in the admissions process. Today, I want to take you on a journey where I nearly obliterated my chances of getting admitted into a prestigious MBA program with one ill-considered phrase during the interview process.

Mistake in the Making

The day started like any other, except it was far from ordinary. I was scheduled for an interview with one of my dream schools. With my suit pressed and my documents ready, I felt prepared, confident even. I had spent countless hours preparing for every possible question they could throw at me.

After introductions and a few questions, I felt comfortable with my interviewers. We had built a rapport and were exchanging dialogues with ease. The atmosphere was far less tense than I anticipated. This, however, led me to let my guard down – the start of my regrettable blunder.

The Fatal Phrase

The interviewer asked me why I wanted to attend their MBA program. It was a question I had rehearsed relentlessly. But in that moment of misguided confidence, I blurted out, “Because your school is my safe option.”

Silence filled the room. The smiles on their faces slowly faded, replaced with a mixture of surprise and disappointment. My mind raced, realizing the magnitude of the blunder I had just made. Calling any MBA program a ‘safe option’ is not only disrespectful to the institution, but it also undermines the hard work and commitment of every student and faculty member.

Damage Control

I was mortified but understood that I had to rectify my mistake quickly. In an attempt to salvage the situation, I apologized for my poorly chosen words and explained that my intent was to express how confident and comfortable I felt with their institution. I emphasized my admiration for their curriculum, faculty, and student community, and how I believed it aligned perfectly with my career goals.

Learning from Missteps

Despite the serious faux pas, I was lucky enough to receive an admit, likely due to my immediate efforts to correct my mistake and the strength of my overall application. But not everyone might be so fortunate. My experience served as a stark reminder that every word uttered during an interview carries weight. Complacency and overconfidence have no place in these high-stake situations.


So, to all the future MBA aspirants, learn from my mistake. Prepare well, be respectful, stay humble, and remember – there’s no such thing as a ‘safe’ school. Each institution deserves your utmost respect and appreciation. Your words should reflect your genuine interest and commitment, not undermine the value of the institution you’re applying to.

Every interview is a two-way street. While you are being assessed, you are also evaluating the institution to see if it aligns with your career and personal goals. However, remember to articulate this in a respectful and considerate manner.

It’s not just about getting into an MBA program; it’s about growing and joining a community that will shape your future. Your attitude towards this should begin from the moment you decide to apply and extend to every interaction you have during the admissions process, including interviews. You never know when one wrong phrase can nearly destroy your chance at admission.

Here are five additional statements that could negatively affect your chances during an MBA interview:

  1. “I’m just here because my parents want me to get an MBA.” This shows a lack of personal motivation and direction.
  2. “I don’t really read books or follow any news/business publications.” This may indicate a lack of intellectual curiosity or awareness of the world around you, which are important traits for MBA candidates.
  3. “I didn’t really learn anything from my last job/internship.” This suggests an inability to extract lessons from experiences, which is a key aspect of personal and professional growth.
  4. “I can’t handle criticism very well.” Being open to feedback is crucial for growth in an MBA program.
  5. “I prefer to just go with the flow.” While adaptability is a good trait, this phrase might be interpreted as a lack of ambition or strategic thinking, both of which are important in an MBA program.

Concluding Note

At the end of the day, we all are human, and making mistakes is a part of our learning curve. This tale of a near miss during an MBA admissions interview is a testament to that. It serves as a poignant reminder of the value of mindfulness and respect in all our interactions, particularly those that can have a significant impact on our futures.

Disclaimer: This narrative is based on the experience of one of our clients at CrackAdmission while interviewing with a U.S. business school ranked between 20-30. It’s important to note that the admissions process and interview experiences can vary widely between individuals and institutions. While we can learn from the experiences of others, each candidate should approach their admissions journey as a unique experience, tailored to their individual strengths, experiences, and aspirations.

Remember, your journey towards an MBA is not just about the destination but also the wisdom you gain along the way. Here’s wishing all MBA aspirants a journey that’s as rewarding as the destination itself!

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