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The importance of the interview in the MBA admissions process is more than what people usually think. If you ask people around you, the chances are you’ll mixed responses. Some claim it’s an integral, make or break element of your application, while others say it’s a mere formality, that the school has already decided they want you and just need to check that you’re not a complete ill-fit.

The reality is somewhere in between. According to a study, on average 35% of the application process is weighted towards the interview.

There are thousands of applicants who look great on paper, who have perfect grades, have a great GMAT score and have good professional experience. But schools want the balance of academic prowess and interpersonal strengths, and this is what interviews test in an applicant. So what do you need to ace your interview?

Here are some things on which you’re most likely tested during the interview-

Leadership potential

A very important quality that an MBA student is supposed to have is leadership quality. You have to show that you can be a great leader, what makes a MBA school good is their alumni. They want their students to have leadership potential in them so that they can lead the world.

Consistency in thought process

All your work put in writing essays and making a rockstar profile is tested in the interviews. If you’re not consistent with your thoughts and divert from the discussion during the interview, it’ll have a negative impact on the interviewer. Remember, the interviews are of limited time so you can’t afford to divert from the topics.

Ability to give logical arguments

Sometimes Interviewers give you cases and ask for your take on them or you can be asked for an opinion on something. This quite often leads to a series of questions that you’ll have to answer. The main point behind this is to test your ability to give logical answers.

Subject matter expertise in the domain where you have professional experience

If a school invites you for an interview, it means that they consider your profile good enough and want to see if you really have expertise in your professional domain. You can expect your interviewer to have good knowledge in your field of work if not expertise. Sometimes your interviewer is from your field as well.

Motivation and passion

What made you apply for the school? What are you expecting from them? Why do you want to go for X stream, not Y? These questions must be answered and reflected in your interview. Even though you’ve mentioned them in your essays, they’re actually tested in the interview.

Analytical acumen

Being an MBA student, you’re supposed to deal with a lot of complex and complicated problems/concepts every day during the course. Even after graduating the ability to make recommendations that are sensible, based on available information, the sound judgment makes you stand out from others. This is tested in the interview, the interviewer wants to see if you’re capable of doing that.

Clarity in short term goals and roadmap for long term goals

Last but not least, where do you see yourself in the future? What you’ll achieve after completing the degree and how it’s going to shape your future? Schools don’t want people who are not clear about their goals, they’ll always prefer someone who has clear goals over someone who doesn’t.

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