Must do’s for every Reapplicant: B-School advice

Must do’s for every Reapplicant: B-School advice

So, your worst nightmare just came true- you were rejected in Round 1 of your dream Business School. Now we know you might be wanting to change your entire identity and disappear from the realm of earth, but we have a better suggestion- Reapplication.

Yes, you heard that right. If you have made improvements since the last time you applied, have done your research, and have thoroughly introspected why you were potentially dinged last time, you could have a shot in next year’s admission season. But before that, you must know why you were rejected the first time. There could be various reasons for this, tick the ones that apply:

· You had a low GMAT score- one of the most common reasons as to why students don’t get into their B-School of choice.

· Your essays were good, but not stellar.

· You were not able to convey your thoughts in the interview.

· You came across as unidimensional- i.e., you didn’t have a lot of diversity pointers, extracurriculars or outside work to your name.

We suggest you do some self-introspection as well as get feedback from an Admission Committee member as to what was the combination of elements that got you dinged. If not an AdCom member, you could discuss with a consultant (that’s where we come in), alum or a student. Do it as early as possible so you have ample time to work on those improvement areas.

When reapplying, the application essays are an ideal space to showcase how you’re back and stronger. If you have an improved score, it would obviously reflect in your application form. But there are other things you must mention, such as-

1. Qualitative aspects of your improvement- If you got a promotion or new opportunities, how did they impact your personality? Use the essay space to let AdCom know if you made a switch in your work, got any international experience, or took up any leadership roles. Also, mention the outcome and how these have impacted your personality since the last time you applied.

2. If you took any certifications or online courses- If you took any online or offline courses, even if it is from Udemy, mention the name in your reapplication essay. Do not forget to mention how it is relevant to your current work and your future goals.

3. If you gained clarity about your career goals- Maybe you messed up your interview because your career goals were not clear in your mind. This time, if you have gained clarity about your future goals, add that in the essay. Also, add what triggered you to make that change. We suggest writing about the discussion you had with the alum/AdCom member, not for the sake of name-dropping, but for narrating how it led you to turn inwards, trust your intuition and become serious about your goals.

4. Prepare these questions beforehand- “What made you wait?”, “Tell us a situation where you failed”, “What would you do if you failed this time as well” AdCom members will want to know why you didn’t join some other program in the meanwhile and if you have the confidence to have a game plan even if you fail this time. Confidence in your abilities and clarity about your goals is sure to impress.

Getting dinged might seem like the end of the world. But we assure you that it is only going to make you stronger, provided you do your homework and have the right guidance. We at CrackAdmission have helped a lot of reapplicants come back with a bang and get into their dream B School, and so can you. Reach out to us at for a free profile evaluation followed by a 30-minute pro bono call.

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