Peer Learning is a major building block of PGP at ISB. Help us in understanding how will you be able to add value to the PGP peer group through your personal and professional qualities/capabilities?

According to the stats released by ISB, 43% of the cohort comprised of engineers and 12% were from the financial background. Assuming the CO24 will have similar distribution, I am confident that as a CA and a finance professional with 6+ years of experience across multiple facets of the industry, I will be able to supplement the classroom learning of my peers in the subject.

I started my career in the Corporate and International Tax Department of KPMG and then moved to the internal finance team of the JSW group where I have worked in fund raising and M&A transactions. While as part of the taxation team, I worked closely with Indian govt. officials, clients, Income Tax officers, lawyers etc., at JSW, my interactions were with varied stakeholders – Indian and Global banks, Credit Rating agencies, private investors, legal representatives, govt. officials, policymakers etc. The relationships I have forged in the global financial ecosystem will be beneficial to my peers who seek references / guidance. I was a core member of the team from KPMG that advised Uber India on a framework for releasing payments to its drivers since there was no prior precedent on taxation for gig economy workers. Raising $1.2 billion via REG-S Green Bond issuance for JSW Energy Ltd. during COVID-19, when the world economy was in shock, undertaking an initiative to reduce environmental impact of steel production, leading financial turnaround of BPSL post its acquisition by JSW Steel and structuring a tax efficient transaction for equity infusion into JSW’s Italian operations are some of the challenging projects I undertook. I am confident that I can help my classmates demystify topics related to international taxation, valuation, due diligence, capital structuring, corporate investments, and trends in two big markets – Energy and Steel.

On the personal front, I have always committed time to social issues, which are obvious and urgent, but often ignored by most. During under graduation, I led the Juhu beach cleanup drive, wherein I motivated volunteers to participate, create awareness campaigns to discourage littering, and write letters to BMC to allocate resources for the initiative. Fast forward few years, as a volunteer of the Robinhood Army in Andheri, I have led food distribution drives and designed campaigns to discourage food wastage. Through participation in the NET impact club, I hope to address social causes around campus, and motivate my peers to give back to the society.

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