Please provide an example of when the individual has provided leadership on a project as part of a team

Sri was instrumental in changing the course of a project from a complete disaster to a memorable one. This was in Q2’20 when COVID-19 had stuck and one of our existing clients, an FMCG major with a global operations, wanted Genpact to submit a proposal and show a Proof of Concept for a 5 year digital transformation of their plants. A team from near shore made a futile attempt to impress the client, and we were on the verge of losing out on the opportunity. It is then when my boss, who was the account lead, asked me to rope in Srinadh and make an attempt to win back the client’s confidence.

On my request, Sri took up the project. He followed a 3-pronged strategy. Firstly, he set up his own small squad of people whom he had worked with previously and assigned responsibilities to them based on their skillset. Secondly, he held discussions with the near shore team to figure out what went wrong in the first attempt and gauge client feedback. Lastly, he leveraged his past work on projects with similar objectives to come up with a mix of high level PPT, live demo with simulated data, and detailed technical document highlighting critical business use cases of the client and pitching apt solutions for each of them. He rallied the team to work on an aggressive timeline and within 3 weeks we presented again to the client and this time get a sign off from their technical evaluation team.

The courage, commitment, and innovative mindset he displayed was a testament to his leadership skills.

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