What do you think this person might be doing in ten years’ time? Why?

It is difficult to predict with certainty what Omar might be doing in 10 years, as there are many factors that can impact an individual’s career path. However, there are a few potential scenarios that I can think of:

1.   Omar may be in a leadership role, responsible for managing a team or department. He would have developed strong leadership skills and be able to effectively guide and motivate large teams to achieve shared goals. His proven ability to work in a high-stress environment and get the most out of diverse team members is an indicator of his ability to take up similar leadership roles in the future as well.

2.   Omar may be in a more specialized role, focused on a specific area of expertise or industry (ex. FMCG retail). He may have gained a deep understanding of their field and be able to contribute innovative ideas and solutions.

3.   Omar may become an entrepreneur or business owner, leveraging his skills and experience to create and grow his own venture. He has the potential to create disruptions in their industry or market through innovative ideas and approaches, some of which he had already demonstrated during his tenure with us.

Ultimately, Omar’s career path will depend on his goals, skills, and the opportunities he can grasp. It is important for him to continue learning and developing his skills in order to be prepared for new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

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