What is so special about you that professors and peers would like to have you in the class?

A leader is not born within the four walls of a classroom. A leader rises from real-life experiences, struggles and achievements that mold one’s personality into its best version. Having been an entrepreneur for six invaluable years, I have incurred quite a few leadership qualities that I am confident will be able to contribute to the class in a positive manner.  While my peers will find a classmate in me who is collaborative, logical, committed and adds value to their learning, professors will find in me a diligent and inquisitive student who can bring a different perspective to the class. Thus, I will ensure that the entire MBA experience is not only enlightening for me, but enriching for all!

 I was born with the unquenchable curiosity to explore the new. Needless to say, I will be naturally compelled to ask relevant and insightful questions during discussions, that will be thought-provoking and stimulative.  At the same time, I will attend to all the tasks assigned to me with utmost sincerity, setting an example for the others. Armed with a rich entrepreneurial experience, I will try to give a different, more practical perspective to classroom discussions. Indulging in spirited debates, I will ensure that these discussions are interesting as well as enriching for everyone. Electives like Strategic Marketing (SMKTG) and Strategic Cost Management (SCM) are a few subjects I can add value to, based on my past real-life experiences, thereby catering to the need of evidence-based learnings in class.

There are certain qualities in me that I can confidently claim my peers would seek in their classmate. Being collaborative by nature, I can step into the shoes of a leader or that of a meaningful contributor of a team led by someone else, with equal ease. I believe I am confidant but not arrogant, which will help me win trust as a leader, while at the same time, make me open to learning from feedback and taking criticism constructively. Also, my high-adaptability quotient will help me forge strong, ever-lasting bonds, perhaps winning me co-founders for my future ventures!

I like to observe and analyze situations, reactions, and feedback objectively, which makes me logical and helps me draw rational conclusions.  This quality will help me understand the course, case studies, etc. comprehensively. Having been an entrepreneur, I have a non-conventional way of thinking that makes me a risktaker with disruptive ideas, and a person who challenges status quo. Using this attitude to solve case studies and assignments, I plan to inspire the cohort to be fearless, as they prepare for future leadership roles.

Through sheer commitment and passion, I will contribute to the Entrepreneurship Club, leveraging my network to facilitate interactions of the cohort with entrepreneurs from different industries, thereby motivating many to take up entrepreneurial ventures in the future. I will put my blood and sweat to uphold the IIM A motto, “Vidya Viniyogadvikasa”, that is development through the distribution or application of knowledge, during the entire journey of pursuing this program.

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