How to get into Business Schools with low work experience

How to get into Business Schools with low work experience

You will need to encourage the ad com to look beyond the number of years of experience and focus on the ‘Quality’ of work and not the ‘Quantity’. You can do this via the following:

Highlight how you took responsibilities at an early age.

Example: You helped in your family business by creating a website and social media pages and thus create digital presence, which led to new revenue channels.

Shows signs of maturity through stories from work or extracurricular participation.

Example: You worked in a shop floor where the average age of the staff was ~40 years, OR, you volunteered to work in an elderly care facility and teach the people there how to use tech apps.

Demonstrate leadership and teamwork instead of silo achievements.

Example: You led a team of interns to deliver a highly frugal and functional prototype in record time.

Show business acumen in any side hustles you have taken up

Example: You helped your classmate in his startup, OR, you ran a blogging site, OR, you did influencer marketing assignments for some local brands.

Showcase expedited progression of responsibilities at work.

Example: You joined a tech startup at a pre-seed stage, and now run an entire team of analysts as the company has expanded.

Clearly state how your current experience combined with the MBA program will help you attain post-MBA goals.

Example: You have worked in product-based technology companies and want to join a fintech company as a Product Manager. To fill the gap in terms of financial knowledge, you want to do an MBA.

In summary, every component of your application should demonstrate that you are a self-starter and a go-getter at work who has shown exceptional stakeholder management early on in your career. If you can convey how, you did well in the relatively short time at work, were on an upward trajectory in your career path, and well-positioned to contribute to the cohort, you can make a strong impression.

Please note that your recommendation letters should also reflect the fact that you have demonstrated leadership and growth potential through compelling stories.

Last but not the least, you can always apply to programs for a deferred entry option, such that you can book your slot in the cohort for a future date (~2 years ahead). Some schools, which provide this option are:

· HBS (2+2) Program

· ISB YLP (Young Leaders Program)

· Kellogg’s Future Leaders program

· Stanford GSB Deferred Enrollment program

· Yale SOM Silver Scholar’s Program

· Chicago Booth Scholars deferred admissions program.

· Darden Future Year Scholars Program

· MIT Sloan MBA Early Admission Program

· Berkeley Haas Accelerated Access

· Tepper Future Business Leaders

Remember — You are not alone!

Our consultants at CrackAdmission have worked with several applicants who had similar work experiences and guided them in getting successful admission offers. Reach out to us in case you want to know more.

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