Strategy to get into a global MBA program for an Indian Male IT Professional

Ah! The wonders that an MBA program can do for your career! A USD six-figure salary, a great reputation, and an abundance of opportunities — nothing goes amiss when you add this extra feather to your cap. However, as lucrative as it sounds, getting into that Top Global B-School of remarkable prestige might not be a cakewalk!

With private engineering colleges sprouting up like mushrooms all over India, thousands of students graduate every year. Most of them land up with a job in the IT industry, no matter which stream they originally belonged to, working for giants such as TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, HCL, and the likes. Result? Pay packages relatively lower than their peers working in other sectors, an excruciatingly slow career progression, and of course (!) the risk of becoming one of the many Indian male IT professionals who are, needless to say, the most over-represented group as far as pursuing an MBA is concerned.

When you are a part of a multitude with the same qualifications and degrees, you stand chances of getting lost in the crowd. At Crack Admission, we keep telling our students that you can’t afford to be a clone to several others with identical skill sets. So, how do you become distinctly visible to the admission committee that keeps scanning through applications, pretty similar to yours? The answer is relatively simple.

Focus on your proactive efforts: Your IT skills become obvious to the admission committee from the organization you have worked in or the degree you have. There’s no point in harping on that. If you really need to outshine others, portray how you went that extra mile beyond your work. Initiatives could involve creating an innovative prototype or building an automation system that was eventually presented to the client. Just show how you made yourself useful in your company!

Highlight your leadership skills: Participated in any extracurriculars where you took charge? Exhibited a leadership role in society? Took up a volunteering role? All these could be your trump cards in winning that coveted seat!

Take up interesting assignments at work to build your portfolio: For instance, work with the Learning & Development Department of your organization to create a guidebook — a protocol guide, SOP guide, etc. — for new joiners to follow.

Articulate your career goals to justify the need for MBA: While a global MBA opens avenues for diverse career opportunities, you must be cognizant of the fact that admission committees are looking for applicants who are pragmatic about their goals and are aware as to how exactly the MBA will complement their existing skillsets and catapult them towards their goals. For example, to become a Team Leader (TL), you probably don’t require a Business degree.

And last, but most important, write your experience like an engaging story. No one likes a bland essay, isn’t it? You need to create your differentiated personal brand.

Gear up to apply for the Top Global B-Schools of the world and transform your career. If you need any help, simply reach out to us at CrackAdmission.

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