At Cornell, our students and alumni share a desire to positively impact the organizations and communities they serve. Taking into consideration your background, how do you intend to make a meaningful impact on an elite MBA community?

Hailing from a family of doctors, making a positive contribution to the institutions and communities that I have been a part of, has gotten ingrained in my blood! My greatest inspiration is my father—a neonatologist who despite getting international job offers, chose to serve people in his hometown, Ghaziabad. So since college, I too have volunteered for NGOs and skill training organizations—something I am confident will help me make a positive contribution to Cornell’s elite MBA community.

A strong believer of “Tech for Good”, as a part of Suchetna, an NGO for kids with delayed milestones, I used my tech skills to design an application that identified their skillsets which needed intervention. For another internship, I trained marginalized unemployed youth on vocational courses. At Cornell, by joining the Community Impact Group, I want to make similar contributions and lead the team as VP Volunteering into designing socially impactful business ideas.

I have been passionately learning computer vision and artificial intelligence because I believe that AI will become indispensable for every industry. I have worked on pixel-level segmentation, object detection and OCR-based products for Adobe Scan’s team—declared the best global scan application by Wirecutter. Also, I have been a part-time trainer for machine learning at Coding Ninjas, India’s top learning platform for coders, and organized training sessions for newcomers at Adobe. As a member of Cornell’s High-Tech Club, I would love to share all the knowledge that I have thus gained, with the cohort, engaging in discussions and teaching the basics of programming languages which can prove effective when handling leadership roles.

At Adobe, my research-driven problem solving attitude has helped me successfully publish patents around innovative technologies, with my senior colleagues. So, at Cornell, I want to join the Big Red Tech Strategy group, to develop ideas that use strategies to market and productize research findings. Further, I want to liaison with the Technology Entrepreneurship Club to develop ideas such as the ‘Action Recognition’ project which I propounded during college to explore the usage of Video Analytics on CCTV cameras in curbing potential crimes in public places.  

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