Peer Learning is a major building block of PGP at ISB. Help us in understanding how will you be able to add value to the PGP peer group through your personal and professional qualities/capabilities?

 I bring with me a unique mix of experiences that cuts across Network engineering (Dell International Services), B2B marketplaces (Indiamart) and a financial intelligence platform (Sentieo). While at Dell, I led projects to provide networking solutions for mission critical infrastructure of a hospital, at Indiamart I designed Quality Assurance systems to provide fastest and most accurate discoverability of products for businesses in India. At Sentieo, I honed my leadership skills by grooming teams, learnt nuances of financial industry, and appreciated how Machine Learning and AI can aid faster decision making. On a personal front, I have an intrinsic motivation to champion societal causes by creating awareness of education related govt. schemes, organizing fitness competitions for my colleagues during COVID-19, and donating my hair for children suffering from cancer.

Within 8 months of joining Dell, I was selected (among 25 other peers) to handle a challenging network infrastructure project for a Hospital, Catholic Health Care West. As the lead, I had to ensure highest levels of SLAs in terms of connectivity. This stint gave me exposure to end-to-end IT operations, and I learnt the art of navigating relationships. At Indiamart, I got firsthand experience of the business problems faced by MSMEs in India, and how robust Quality Assurance systems within the product impact user experience. Independently fixing an issue with the firm’s payment module during Diwali in record time was the highlight of my tenure. I joined Senetio as a QA lead and within a short time span became the go to person within the firm for any quality testing, bug fixing and release management related concerns. I worked closely with Product Managers to launch critical modules such as SEARCH and Research Management.

My sister was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2018 and before her first chemotherapy session, she had to get her head shaved. When I started looking for suitable wigs for her, I was surprised to know that while India is a big exporter for hair, the local market is very small, and prices are high. I lost her soon, but it motivated me emotionally to do my bit for the cause. I have been persistently donating my hair to an NGO, Lock of Happiness, which makes wigs for children.

I am confident that while my work experiences will augment the professional growth of my peers, stories of my motivations and personal endeavors will help them become a better version of themselves.

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