Boost your MBA Application by leveraging your Social Media activity

With more and more aspects of professional life moving online, a social media presence is more important than ever, and that extends to your MBA Application.

What is an Online Presence?

Your Online Presence is basically a reflection of you online. It is the information that comes up when somebody searches your name on any platform. Social media is a wonderful place for self-expression, so use it to your advantage. What would you discover if you were to look yourself up? Are they your achievements, interests, and ambitions or a string of random and scattered status updates?

Creating an Online Presence will only increase your credibility while applying to your Dream Business School. What you post about and how you behave on social media is enough for the Admission Committee to understand how genuine your application is. They can effortlessly check whether you’re being authentic in your MBA essay from your social media. If the professional and engaged community member persona you built in your application does not add up with your social media, the odds might be against you. Creating credibility online will mostly require research, effort, and dedication from your end.

Here are a few things you can do to build your Online Profile day by day –

1. Blog Often — Invest time in writing blogs on topics of your interest. Also, try to share blogs, articles, and papers on the said topics. Everyone likes to talk about their interests, so why not do it on social media where you can have greater reach? You can easily demonstrate yourself as an influencer by talking about specific topics in depth. Don’t worry, you do not have to be a full-time blogger for this.

2. Seminars and Webinars — Participate in various seminars and webinars related to your career and future goals. Post the information about such events and also invest time in summarizing what you learned from them. Your followers will definitely appreciate you for bringing valuable content to them and you will get to interact with many interesting people.

3. LinkedIn Interaction — Interact with professionals on LinkedIn. Share their insightful posts and voice your approval or opinions on them. You can tremendously boost your network and get expert help whenever you need it. We have all been guilty of shying away from asking for help but all you need to do is drop a simple message. You will find out how readily helpful people can be and how their experiences can be enlightening.

4. Manoeuvre your Social Media — Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, to post about your personal life like pictures of your family, places you have traveled, some new food recipes, workout routine, and all your other interests. Showcase your healthy and positive lifestyle choices with minimal effort. Proudly post about your achievements and various milestones in your life. You could also tweet about social causes you feel passionate about like climate change or a charity for the local NGOs.

5. Read Books — All and any book that you read is an opportunity for you to show what captures your interests. Share whatever it is that you are reading or planning to get to. It can easily be something juvenile. For instance, you could talk about your stock market trading activity, or how much psychology fascinates you. Again, try adding your opinion and takeaways. You can showcase your interests and might also help someone choose their next read.

6. Be Active — It is very important to be active on social media. How often have you been disappointed when some page that you like doesn’t entertain you with its posts regularly? So you need to consistently post new things to effectively create an Online Presence. Failing to do so creates no impact and might show that you lose track of agendas.

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