Re-take the GMAT or focus on your Application? The never-ending conundrum!

Not being able to ace the GMAT in one go can dishearten anyone. It leads to a lot of questions in your mind. Should you retake it? Should you accept the score and focus on your application? You need to assess the cost you are willing to bare to choose either option. So let’s talk about it.

Is Retaking the GMAT worth it for you?

Before we start, remember that you can retake the GMAT up to 5 times in a calendar year and up to 8 times in a lifetime. You also have to wait for 16 days before retaking the test.

Taking the GMAT for the second or third time requires a lot of hard work. You have to change your strategy and focus on problem areas. It makes sense when you are sure you can increase your score after identifying and working on your weaknesses. Getting admitted to your Dream Business School will anyway make every second of your time worth it. It would also show the Admission Committee that you are not the one to give up and rollover. Just be sure of yourself and what you can achieve.

Why retake the GMAT?

1. If you weren’t able to give your best the first time.

2. If the score is not competitive according to your profile and your target business schools.

3. If your score is not consistent with your ability or mock test scores.

Instances when you should retake the GMAT :

1. You see scope for improvement — If you are sure there is a scope for improving your score, then why not take your chances? A better score will only improve your chances of getting admitted to your dream school, probably with a scholarship! However, if your GMAT score is competitive, focus on your application rather than getting an even better score.

2. You are determined to improve your score — You have to be very focused and realistic about retaking your GMAT. You must let go of your disappointment and give your best to your next attempt. Otherwise, you just might end up wasting your time and money.

When should you stick with your score?

You don’t always have to retake the test just because the score is not as good as you hoped. Let us say your score falls within the range of your desired BSchool, and the deadline is in less than two months. It is then the time for you to believe in yourself and focus on your application. It does not make sense for you to retake the GMAT and end up with less time to write your application. Applicants tend to forget that the GMAT score is one of the aspects of the application, but it is not everything. A stellar application also includes well-written essays and LORs. It also needs your time and focus. You need to show the Admission Committee that you are more than your GMAT score. It is all about the overall presentation.

Borderline: If you cannot see any good reason to retake the GMAT, then focus on other aspects of your application.

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