Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your near term (3-5 years) future career objectives and how pursuing an MBA will help you achieve them.

Through constant reviews for career progression, and being proactive about different opportunities, my pursuit to fulfill my potential has been a consistent journey. Right from business development, to social-media analytics, and product-manager responsibilities, I have secured diverse roles to further my learning. A math postgraduate, I risked digression to grow within the social-media industry. My identification of a shift in customer preference from voice to data led to the telecom industry’s first data-rollover plan. To enhance my understanding of product- and-user-experience, I took up a product-manager role at a health-tech startup, building the eCommerce wing within six months.

Product management and the impact a product manager creates on product, people and profits excites me immensely. With leading companies doubling demand for product managers, I sense vast opportunities to grow. Furthering my intent to polish cross-functional, communication, and technical skills, my goal is to become head of product in a consumer-technology firm.

With the aim to build a user-friendly product, I want to be responsible for decisions that affect user experience, tech, design, and business strategy. As a product manager, I take decisions that impact different teams and strategies, but there is a substantial gap in my business understanding that hampers my ability to prioritize the aspect of product to be worked upon. While launching the eCommerce division, my biggest learning was understanding how to capture low-hanging fruit, and take decisions that map minimum effort for maximum impact. A similar gap arose while deciding on pricing, which I falsely assumed to be based on competitor comparison. A formal management education will bridge these gaps and augment a 360-degree business acumen.

My decision to choose Nanyang MBA is based on a number of factors. Firstly, the customized learning tracks such as Strategy & Innovation will empower me to approach problems in a well-rounded manner. Secondly, an understanding of different industries by virtue of interaction with a diverse cohort will help widen my knowledge. Thirdly, focus on leadership skills will groom my people-management skills. Lastly, working on ‘LIVE’ projects will open up avenues of practical application of classroom knowledge.

With this expertise, I will enhance my product-management knowledge, and become CPO of a global consumer-tech firm. I will not only manage a suite of products, but also look for ways to conceptualize offerings that force people to seek bigger opportunities, and add value to the lives of the next 10 million customers.

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