What are your long term career goals?

 27-August-2001 was a seminal day as my father had to shut down his manufacturing business due to poor adoption of technological paradigms. Witnessing the devastating impact of this failure on livelihood of 100+ households catalysed my life’s ambition, I thus became determined to empower such Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs), the lifeblood of any economy. Subsequently, I acquired technical and business skills through rigorous undergraduate studies and my stints at Cisco to help businesses swiftly respond to technological changes.

Advancing towards my dream, post-MBA, I aspire to serve a Technology Consultant at a top-tier consulting firm in Australia, where I will help companies improve their processes across verticals. As a trusted advisor, I will guide customers throughout their transformation journey right from creating tailor-made strategies to building a roadmap and eventually helping them execute effectively to realise business value. Within 3-5 years, I envision to advance to the position of Manager, where my role will evolve to leading a team of consultants working across industry-verticals, empowering customers pivot to new technologies. Over time, I intend to garner exposure to sophisticated management-constructs prevalent in larger organizations and subsequently consolidate these experiences to establish credibility as an SME Business Head in the consulting industry. With the world striving to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), set by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), by 2030, SMEs would be at the helm of this mission. They are well positioned to promote inclusive development, employment generation and poverty alleviation and I want to be at the forefront of this unprecedented journey, engendering breakthrough results.

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