Define your short-term post-MBA career goals. How are your professional strengths, past experience, and personal attributes aligned with these goals?

True to my ambition, my short-term goal is to become the Director of Global Sourcing, and increase the revenue of the company manifold. I want to meticulously lead the country managers in China, India, and Turkey, to optimize global sourcing strategies. The plan is to forge new business development channels in countries which, currently, Mohawk only sources products from, but does not sell to. I aim to do this by creating ample sales opportunities, and by upskilling the global teams so that they can start generating fruitful sales leads.

With my former supervisor, VP – Global Sourcing, leaving the organization, my responsibilities in the Global Department have increased. I see this as a great opportunity and believe that this MBA will catapult me to my desired position.

So far, my exceptional performance has not only won me fast-tracked promotions, but also given me the opportunity to relocate from Shanghai to USA, as a part of the Global Team. Successfully handling several challenges has helped me acquire deep-rooted knowledge of the sourcing industry and a strong international network of affiliates, partners, clients and vendors, across Asia-Pacific, EU, Middle East and Africa.

I have led the Global Team to shift the supply chain from China, to India and Vietnam, to mitigate the challenges of the US-China trade war, and have ensured the quick expansion of production capacities for a stable supply during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. My leadership experience will help me in my role of the Director of Global Sourcing that requires me to recruit, work with and lead a dynamic group of individuals from different counties. For the future, I desire an opportunity which will stimulate me professionally, leverage my 15+ years’ experience, and allow me to contribute more to Mohawk’s top-line by venturing into areas I am yet to explore.

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