Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant.

CJ is highly driven by numbers and goes out his way to make sure that the numbers set for himself, and his team far exceeds expectations. He has shown phenomenal consistency in terms of achieving these numbers. However, at times in this pursuit, he fails to document all the steps he took to achieve a task. Ex. the major challenges he faced in closing a transaction, and what steps did he take to overcome them, with whom did he coordinate in the process etc.  

Thus, the biggest area of improvement I have suggested to him is to focus on the means to the end, and not just the end. I have explained to him that he climbs in his career, he would have to interact and work closely with senior management closely. During such interactions, it is eminent that he not verbally communicates the tasks, and how he has / plans to achieve, but also have well structured documentation capturing all the nuances. This is needed to gain the confidence of the management. Additionally, by doing so, he would be able to set a good example for his juniors to follow. Additionally, the archive of documents would become a handy startup guide for any new member in the team to refer to.

He took my feedback on a very positive note and has since tried to make a conscious effort to be more proactive in documenting the steps he followed to achieve something and has encouraged his team also to do so. He maintains a digital logbook where he keeps a record of all the in between steps of any transaction, customer notes and tags them for the sake of quick reference by the entire team. CJ retrospect’s on the detail’s transaction history, and often sets up time with me to identify areas of improvement. This new found habit, has also enabled his team to resolve customer queries much faster and knowledge transfer.

I am confident that as CJ gets involved him multiple study group discussions, case submissions, project reports etc. at ISB, he will further improve on this area and become more structured.

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