How does the applicant’s performance compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (Word limit 500)

During his time with Reckitt, Ali has demonstrated a strong business acumen with a noticeable edge in relationship management. He is able to put himself in the shoes of the stakeholders he interacts with from both public as well as private sector entities, understand their perspectives and put across win-win propositions while mitigating conflicts. His dealings with government sector entities are praiseworthy as the bureaucratic structure in Pakistan requires a highly strategic approach. For instance, he was able to effectively convince UAE govt. to supply Pakistan with essential raw material required for making a hygiene liquid during peak COVID-19 when there were sanctions in place.

Ali is technologically inclined and has been proactive in activities related to introduction of new IT solutions. He is well versed with the latest digital tools and platforms and aims to achieve scalability and efficiency of programs and initiatives by deploying technology specially software-based solutions at different stages.

The programs we run at RB are often aimed at addressing social causes at the grassroot level. So, it becomes essential for the people running them to feel for and empathize with those causes. While a lot of Ali’s predecessors focused just on operational effectiveness of the programs, Ali is motivated to help the intended beneficiaries of the programs realize its value and get sustainable long-term benefits. He conceived a community based selling model for HOPE program.

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