How have recent events influenced the impact you would like to make in your community, career, or both?

We welcome reflection on any events that influenced you in your personal or professional lives, or in society in general, and look forward to learning about specific ways you want to leave your mark and positively impact those around you.

Life is the foremost teacher, and in my life, two phenomenal experiences have been pivotal in shaping my career ambitions.

My mother being a renowned gynaecologist, I have always been aware of how Indian women depend on their male counterparts – rarely available due to their professional commitments – to take them to doctors. When the situation worsened during the pandemic, I decided that if women were unable to reach healthcare facilities, these facilities should reach them. Technology became my strongest weapon to add value to thousands of lives. I created a YouTube channel, GynaePedia, aiding my mother to utilize digital tools to spread awareness about the most critical health mandatories, the prevention of cancers, and congenital birth defects. Today, the channel has 16k+ subscribers! I am currently building a Whatsapp based chatbot as well.

 Another turning point of my life was when my idea for the Adobe Hackathon won the ‘Out of Box’ innovation but was not added to the product roadmap of Adobe Scan. To understand the reason, I started working with a product manager and learnt that a good idea turns brilliant only when it is aligned to the mission of the project. Eventually, my team’s Adobe Scan App went on to become NY Times Wirecutter’s ‘Best Scan App’.

 These incidences, and the sudden death of our team’s young manager due to Covid-19, have encouraged me to improve medical facilities in India. Hence, I want to leverage my software engineering skills, to create revolutionary health-tech products, in the future. 

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