How have recent events influenced the impact you would like to make in your community, career, or both?

We welcome reflection on any events that influenced you in your personal or professional lives, or in society in general, and look forward to learning about specific ways you want to leave your mark and positively impact those around you.

Two recent events have made me realize my true calling and inspired me work towards creating long term impact. They have solidified my conviction to transform mobility and propagate gender equality.

At Ford, I enabled the brand’s first electric commercial vehicle in Europe, E-Transit, saving the planet from 1035 billion grams of carbon emissions. Bringing together legal, engineering and marketing teams to develop a robust product strategy that became instrumental to this success, I channelled every opportunity to persuade leadership on commercial electrification in Europe, and made sure that this eco-friendly vehicle is delivered on roads – leaving my humble mark in sustainable transportation.

Also, throughout my career, I have spearheaded several initiatives furthering women representation. As an Operations Head at Ford Mobility, I launched “SHE MOVES” initiative to recruit women driver-partners after being deeply inspired by a female cab driver I once met. Despite predominant women-safety concerns and resistance from incumbent male drivers, and the greatest obstacle of convincing patriarchal families to “allow” their women to work with us, I was resilient and brought a change by setting safety guidelines, creating inclusive environment and fighting chauvinism. Today, there are 100+ women driver-partners in the Ford-family! – An experience that reiterated the need to make deliberate efforts to foster gender equality.

Today I am committed to transform mobility sectors into carbon neutral industries through the adoption of cleantech and propagate the power every woman has of bringing change. In empowering women and making a cleaner planet, I believe I will achieve true success!

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