Sneak peek into the world of MBA interviews

The top secrets of the MBA interview process have been revealed.

If you have managed to find your way to this post — it means that you are one step closer to that dream college of yours. So many congratulations on receiving that MBA interview invite! Now the next big question — what exactly transpires in those nerve-racking and anxiety filled 30–40 minutes?

Look no further. We have put together a treasure trove of real MBA experiences to help you rock that interview of yours and keep that awesome impression which your application has created. This is straight from the horses mouth — it is as real as it can get. We know what you are thinking — yes something like this really does exist!!! Here it goes…

1. They put me in futuristic leadership situations and asked me how would I react

2. They were interested in my goals. In fact, at the end of the session, I now feel that I have more clarity on my goals

3. I have only 2.5 years of experience. One of the panelists asked me if I am ready for MBA.

4. It seemed more of a conversation that an interview — the panelists were extremely interested in learning more about me and my career choices

5. At least one panelist was from my industry and could relate to my work easily

6. I was asked to explain the relevance and breakdown of a certain KPI metric I had mentioned in my application

7. They were interested in understanding about why I decided to make a certain career switch

8. What are the pros and cons of working in a small company (I worked in a company of 8 people)

9. I discussed my Khardungla trek with one of the interviewers (apparently, he had a love for trekking as well and had covered a number of peaks)

10. I discussed potential endings of ‘Money Heist’ with my interviewer. I think the topic started because I had stated that one of my hobbies is to binge watch shows on Netflix

11. I was asked how to make the supply chain of a leading supermarket environmentally sustainable

12. I was given a case study which involved opening and running a new restaurant since I mentioned that I was a foodie. In fact, I was also made to a little profit calculation

13. The questions revolved around my past experience and background

14. I was asked as to what my plan B is if I get dinged

15. Would you be able to cope up given that you come from a commerce background

16. I had published a research paper — so a lot of questions revolved around the approach methodology and applications of my research

17. In one of my essays, I mentioned that I would like to leverage my operations experience in e-commerce. So, I was asked what are three skills which are common between the two

18. I was asked about my long-term goal and how an MBA will support my goal

19. They asked me what my hobbies are and how I find time to pursue them

20. Describe yourself in five words

21. The interview questions revolved around testing my leadership, team orientation, and learning potential

22. My questions were around why MBA and why now?

23. A lot of the questions were directed towards gauging my understanding of the sector I work in

24. The panelists wanted to gauge how realistic were my aspirations

25. Last but not the least — please introduce yourself

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