Confused what Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are doing with business, finance, strategy, operations…? Let’s just say that MBA degrees are also evolving in today’s world of robotics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and all other groundbreaking technologies.

So what is STEM MBA?

Simply put, think of STEM MBA as a fusion between MS and traditional MBA — more like a technical twist on the conventional MBA degree or like an attempt to bring together the exclusive worlds of technology and business. It enables you to apply your technical dexterity in the business domain given that the ability to examine data and make better business decisions is becoming increasingly vital in all levels of organization. Sounds like a no brainer? Wondering why this did not happen before?

Benefits of STEM MBA?

Extended OPT — STEM MBA has magical powers since it allows international students to apply for a two year or 24-month extension to the regular 12-month OPT duration; this essentially means that students can stay or work in the USA for a splendid three years on a student visa. Yayyy!!!! Here’s to increase in international applicants to the USA…

Enhanced career options: Ability to demonstrate expertise in subjects such as statistics, finance, operations, data analytics, supply chain optimization, forecasting, and modeling to potential employers more and more appreciating such skills

Are there any pre-requisites to apply?

Technical expertise or knowledge of STEM is favored while opting for a STEM MBA to ensure you are comfortable with the technical and science-based curriculum.

Which colleges are offering STEM MBA?

What kind of job opportunities are available post the program?

All those roles in Data Science, Environmental Energy, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Technology are within your reach. A professional who has a strong background in data and technology can conquer the world with STEM MBA because he/she would understand the financial implications to bring better results in STEM related fields. In fact, there is no limitation to the number of roles in which a STEM MBA graduate can excel — the world is your oyster, my friend!

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