Tell us about your main interests and activities in your free time.

I am an avid Poker player, and contrary to popular belief, it is actually a game of one hundred percent skill. I got introduced to poker in college, and used to play with a close group of friends every week. Over time, it became more than just a weekly game that we got together for, and we ended up researching about playing different hands, watched videos of poker pros for tips, played online, and even analyzed our playing history to improve the game. Our sessions would last almost 12 hours!

I got attracted to Poker because of how it puts you in tough spots – the ‘all in’ situations where you have to make quick, but rational decisions by being cognizant of every player and the deck. Being able to do that is both a science and an art.

Many people who play poker start ‘tilting’ – a common term in Poker for someone who starts burning out during a session and plays without rational, like a gambler trying their luck. But for me, Poker has taught me how to read people, negotiate and take tough calls under pressure.

Apart from enjoying the game with my friends, I often participate in tournaments at casinos when I travel, and have played at some of the global hotspots of the game, including Vegas, Macau, Goa, Amsterdam, and London. I also bagged the fifth position at a college Poker tournament, competing with more than 150 participants.

I also love travel, and enjoy adventure sports. I have always liked travelling, and when I got the chance to be part of an exchange program in Europe, I travelled to more than five countries and discovered my love for it. During my time off, I jump at the first chance to travel to a new place. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people, explore cultures and try out different cuisines. While travel gives you an amazing chance to explore a new place, it is not without its ups and downs, which makes it even more interesting to me.

So far, I have explored over 15 countries across 4 continents, either solo or in groups. During my travels, I have taken up different forms of adventure sports, too. Trekking across the Himalayan range in Nepal, and completing Scuba Diving Certification in Batam, Indonesia have been some of the most memorable souvenirs from my travels.

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