This should include an objective and clear statement on why you want to join the PGPEX program? what qualities, experience and achievements do you have to justify your admission; what types of jobs and at what level do you expect after successful completion of PGPEX?

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and robotics technology, the future of automation looks promising. Multiple industries are adopting automation to drive productivity, safety, profitability, and quality. So, after completing my PGPEX from IIM C, I intend to work as a Product Manager in the field of cloud automation and RPA, in a company such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft.

I have witnessed the power of automation in cloud migration projects at IBM and SAP, and used predictive analytics to understand on-demand scaling. As a Product Manager, I will work closely with designers, engineers and user-research experts, to translate market and customer needs, into a competitive and innovative product offering. Infusing enterprise applications with high-level automation powered by advanced technologies such as IOT, AI, and ML, will help me empower clients to make the most of their business data. I want to work on products and solutions that simplify the lives of IT operations professionals.

Though, working at IBM and SAP, I have learnt about technology, design, and product lifecycle, and acquired analytical and problem-solving skills, I still lack in spheres of strategy-building, economics, finance, and market research, needed to become an effective Product Manager. I believe that the marketing courses of this MBA program will enlighten me about business strategies, pricing psychology, customer research, and ROI analysis. Further, electives such as Building Leadership Potential, Strategic Leadership, Product Management will help me develop soft skills to collaborate and work effectively with cross functional teams to ensure business case and customer satisfaction goals are met.

The myriad experiences at IIM C will help me build my leadership skills, while the classroom and outside-classroom discussions with the diverse cohort will aid in widening my perspective. I would want to be part of the PMTech club, where on one hand, I intend to participate in case study competitions such as “The Heist” and webinars to gain first-hand experience from Industry experts, and on the other, leverage my experience of organizing events in college and office, to contribute as an events coordinator by spearheading interactions between alumni, faculty, current students.

In today’s world where products are built from the onset keeping a global audience in mind, participating in an international immersion program, and visiting a partner school in SE Asia, will help me develop a global mindset, learn about international competitive strategies, cultural nuances, political systems, and socio-economic factors, all of which influence business practices and thus shape product design and development.

My long-term goal is to become an entrepreneur who spearheads an organization’s transformation from slow manual processes to the fast automated ones. I want to build cloud-based, automation-as-a-service solutions and SaaS products, to cater to the global economy. Working as a Product Manager, I will gain the experience of building products, and understand customers and the market, better. Collaborating with various departments at work and owning the product lifecycle end-to-end, will help me perform like a mini-entrepreneur, giving me ample experience to establish my own firm.

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