Please use this space to explain significant improvements in your profile since your last application to the ISB PGP. Note: It is mandatory for you to write this essay.

Last year, though I was determined to apply for the ISB PGP program, I failed to appear for my GMAT before the deadline.  Due to rapid adaptation of CISCO’s remote working and productivity tools by enterprises, risk factors in the infrastructure, application and data domains had considerably increased, and demanded my fullest attention. Failing in these tasks was not an option, so I prioritized work over GMAT.

My commitment paid off. New dimensions were added to my job, and a well-earned promotion opened my doors to opportunities of managing multiple Cisco-wide business processes.  I started leading a bigger team than before, handling them successfully through completely remote interactions, and drawing a balance between my own work and mentoring them.

These new experiences have further motivated me to upskill myself and start preparing for the CISA certification. This will hone my expertise in risk management, and help me establish credibility amongst clients, peers, the management, and the regulators.

I truly believe that the past year has been my foremost teacher, helping me grow my technical skills, leadership acumen and industry knowledge. It has boosted my confidence and convinced me that I can make optimum use of the ISB PGP program.

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