Tips For Online ISB Interviews

An old saying correctly says that the first impression is the last impression. It is imperative to leave a positive influence on the interviewer to land up where you want.

Often preparing for interviews can be confusing, and trying to avoid mistakes can be pressurizing, especially with COVID pushing these interviews online.

For such cases, having a systematic approach helps. As the Indian School of Business’ online interviews are around the corner, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Eye Contact

Making eye contact with the interviewer makes a person look confident. However, since the interview for ISB is online, the candidate should look into the camera. It is because that will make you look like you’re having eye contact with the interviewer. On the other hand, focusing on the screen will give the idea of you looking away. Therefore, it is better to look directly into the camera and not glance around.

2. Presentation Matters

The way that you present yourself matters, a lot. Make sure you are well-groomed and are donning a formal attire. The online interview should not be treated as requiring less input than a traditional offline one. Make sure that the way you present yourself, is not shabby.

3. Focus

It is easy to get distracted during an interview while you are sitting at home. Nonetheless, it gives off a notion that you are not serious about the same. To evade this issue, remove all the distractions you might have. Pick a silent room where you can close all the doors and windows, stop all the applications and notifications other than the ones you will be using in the interview.

4. Stable Internet Connection

Having a stable internet connection is the key to the interviews online as it allows quality audio and video transmission. It displays that you’ve planned well and put in efforts for the discussion. If you’re unsure about your WiFi, try creating a hotspot from your phone or get a data connection.

5. Plan More

Offline interviews may be tricky but participating in an online interview is not a walk in the park either. In fact, it involves a lot of other factors like lighting, background, and the place of sitting that play major roles. Having anything but a neutral background would distract the interviewer as well as make you look unprofessional.

The same goes with dull lighting. Gather as much light, preferably natural, as you can in your place of sitting. Another tip that specialists suggest is to sit on a small low-back chair and sit with a straight back. It connotes that you are enthusiastic about the interview and additionally, joining the Indian School of Business. A person could also put the device they will be using on some books to elevate it to the eye level. This way, they can look into the camera without slouching or craning.

6. Stay Prepared For Particular Questions

Everyone in the world has been facing a lot of adjustments recently, getting used to the new normals. This increases the chances of the interviewer asking questions related to joining ISB’s classes from home. They might also be curious in knowing how would you leverage peer to peer learning during this pandemic, or what happens if you do not receive your desired placement from ISB.

Other common questions range from common talking points like the number of countries you’ve visited to specifics of the economy, your field, or your desired program.

Think about such commonly asked questions beforehand and be prepared to answer them.

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7. Key To Perfect Answers

A lot of people are troubled about answering correctly and either think about the practicality of the question or talk just about their emotional understanding. We suggest the answers should contain both of these spheres. Starting with the application and then incorporating the sentiments is a great way to go about answers.

There are often many multi-layered questions in the interview process, one such example is ‘What is the last incident of you failing, why and what did you gather from it.’

Such answers require tact, emotional appeal, and tangible learnings to be balanced.

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8. Listen And Question

During the interview, it is critical to pay attention to what the interviewer has to say. However, in case of any doubts, it is better to confirm than to hear something wrong. This also acts as a sign that you were listening carefully and that you are engrossed in being a part of the Indian School of Business.

Sometimes the questions asked might be extremely tricky, such as ‘ What are the standard sustainable agriculture practices/ standard corporate operating procedures that you do NOT follow’.

Such questions require you to listen actively.

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