Should You Defer Your MBA Admission

Many students when getting into an MBA have second thoughts about their degrees. Whether it is the right time to apply or not if they should gain work experience or get the degree first and many such questions might pop in their head.

There may also be some benefits to deferring admissions. While accepting their Business school, every applicant wonders if it would be wise if to pursue the program, or should they claim the advantages and continue it next year. They think about this query as a bigger picture but instead, they should review why exactly they want to delay.

The following are some reasons a candidate might want to hold their admission:

  1. Personal Reasons

An applicant might want to delay their degree due to family crises or sudden emergencies. In such cases, deferring would be a valid and basic requirement.

For getting a deferral, you can email your reason to the admissions officer who signed your admissions letter. Furthermore, you should check up on your request if you do not receive any updates from the admissions office within two weeks. Then, you could fill in the forms and fees required for the deferral. This way, you would save a seat for yourself for the coming year.

2. Professional Reasons

Sometimes, a person might get a great role for the job in the firm they were working in or a boost in their career, they might linger in going ahead with the MBA. Whether this decision is good or not depends on the results you were aiming for after getting the degree.

If you were pursuing an MBA for getting better pay in your sector, it would probably be a better option to wait. However, if you wanted to improve your skillset and increase your network by getting into a B-school, experts would recommend taking the course.

Crack Admission assists students in pursuing an MBA and supports them in getting the program they want. With about 92% success rate and a great consultant pool, you can stay assured that they will suggest the best options available for you.

3. COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in the world to which the people are still adjusting. One such modification is the switch of offline classes online.

Many students are therefore thinking of delaying their MBA admission and planning to continue with their degrees next year. This decision too might be because they are not sure if they’ll get proper guidance online like they would have gotten in contact classes. The other reason may be they estimate they would not be able to network the same way they might have in actual classes.

In the former situation, Crack Admissions specialists recommend that the quality of education is not compromised in online classes as the teachers and their material stays the same. For the latter, it depends on whether the person is mentally prepared or not where they are in the process. If they have not left the job yet, they could go back to it for a year.

4. Financial Reasons

There are often instances where the funds the applicant was depending on fall through or some financial crisis rise. In such cases, the applicant could apply for scholarships after being admitted into the B-school. Some scholarships being offered for either economically weak students or meritorious students at IIMs and ISB are the Need-Based Scholarship Scheme, ISB — AIESEC waivers, and others by companies Aditya Birla Group, Ratan Tata Trust, and T. Thomas Scholarship sponsored by HUL.

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5. Not getting admission in the desired school

Usually, people may not get the school they were pursuing in the first place. This may cause them to take the year off and try again the following year. It could also be the same as the program. It can be a substantial reason for deferring the year and the experts to suggest doing the same.

Taking the right steps in your degree is crucial for a good career. For assisting you in making the correct choices, Crack Admission is here to help. Our team comprises alumni of top business schools across the globe, admission consultants, and ex-members of admission committees. You can be guaranteed to find solutions to your queries by our diverse consultancy pool. Crack Admission aims to provide aid from the starting till the very end by services like essay writing and editing, recommendation, profile evaluation, and many more. Know more about our services or contact us to start your journey into cracking MBA.

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