Top One year International MBA Programs

  1. INSEAD, Singapore

Location — Singapore

Intakes — September and January

Average cost — €87000

Average GMAT score — 710

Duration — 10 months

Average Initial Salary — €98,728

The INSEAD one-year MBA Programme is about academic diligence, diversity, eminent career-long opportunities, and exceptional alumni.

With three fully-integrated campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and over 90 different nationalities in the classroom, no other business school offers such a multicultural experience. If you are looking forward to the place where you can be your true self, INSEAD is the one. Additionally, the INSEAD mirror foundation for your academic reflection can be assisted by CrackAdmission Consulting Services. Click here to know more.

2. Ivey Business School, Canada

Location — London, Ontario Province, Canada

Intakes — September and February

Average cost — $115,000 CAD

Average GMAT score — 670

Duration — 15 months

Average Initial Salary — $160,000

The Ivey EMBA program is created to help graduates achieve greater levels of performance for themselves and their organization. Alumnus develops top-flight leadership skills, including environmental exploration, strategy formulation, execution, research, and talent possession and retention. Develop the ability to apply that knowledge in ways that drive your business and your career forward. CrackAdmission calls these capabilities Ivey Leadership Essentials. Click here to learn more about these capabilities.

3. Kellogg School of Management, Evanston

Location — Evanston, US

Intakes — June

Average cost — $101,288

Average GMAT score — 732

Duration — 1 year

Average Initial Salary — $133,487

Kellogg MBA is designed to elevate business fundamentals and get students empowered in the workforce with new skills and knowledge that will propel their careers forward. From June to next June, students immerse in the efficient curriculum, learn from world-class faculty, and build substantial leadership in a supportive network that will help them throughout their career life.

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Take advantage of the vast experiential opportunities, worldly recognized faculty, and cross-disciplinary leadership model that make Kellogg stand out.

4. IE School of Business, Spain

Location — Madrid, ES, Spain

Intakes — November

Average cost — SGD$78,110

Average GMAT score — 685

Duration — 13 months

Average Initial Salary — €73,642

The one-year full-time International MBA course at the IE School of Business provides students with an opportunity to converse with budding business enthusiasts from all over the globe and improve their “cultural intelligence.”

The IE-SMU MBA is offered in a fusion education environment, including five face-to-face residential sessions with online modules. This enables professionals from diverse industries and cultures to interact regardless of their geographic location or work commitments.

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5. Kellogg HKUST MBA

Location — Hong Kong

Intakes — January

Average cost — HKD $1,439,900

Average GMAT score — 670

Duration — 18 months

Average Initial Salary — HKD $2,293,763

The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program is a unique affiliation between Northwestern University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The trendy and renowned program brings together senior executives from the top-world tier to implant a new procedure of insight and embraces unique business innovations. The program furnishes students with the skills required to draw strategic business decisions to transform professional business environments and personal life.

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6. Cornell Tech MBA

Location — Ithaca, New York, US

Intakes — May

Average cost — $107,530

Average GMAT score — 700

Duration — 12 months

Average Initial Salary — $143,750

The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA program develops students’ stratum for career success in the future-long digital economy. This MBA program is designed to mutate tech-focused individuals into business leaders or entrepreneurs, where networks, industry, and experiential learning combine. The course reshapes and integrates talent from diverse subjects

In addition to unique innovations from Cornell Tech, students can also participate in a captivating Studio experience, in which one can develop beneficial team-building and leadership skills while generating a new market and product idea as a result of the strategic requirements of a fortunate organization and create your own startup.

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