What would you say are the applicant’s key strengths and talents?

In my opinion, below are his significant strengths of Omar and he demonstrated them consistently during his tenure with Glanbia.

  1. Effective Stakeholder Management: Omar fostered strong relationships with our largest distributor in the MENA region and through a mix of transparent communication and prudent deal structuring created win-win opportunities for both organizations. As an account manager, he grew the account through stock management and timely order recommendations. He was able to anticipate potential issues and concerns and address them before they become problems. He was also responsive to evolving stakeholder needs and adapting the organization’s strategies and actions accordingly. Although at times there were stark disparities between the expected and actual sales, Omar acted with integrity, and transparency, and respected the rights and interests of all stakeholders. His ethical viewpoint on all matters enabled him to gain and maintain the trust and confidence of the distributor.
  2. Ease of working with cross-functional responsibilities: Considering the dynamic needs of the startup work culture, Omar demonstrated adaptability by being able to utilize his quick learning ability to add value to whatever role he was put in. This goes beyond his “Demand Planner” role as he also acted as an assistant brand manager – coordinating with agencies to promote products, branding, promotion, activities, and social media influencers to promote the brand and sales executive when needed.
  3. Presentation and Analytical Skills: When Omar came up with recommendations for the business, he went about convincing other parties (commercial manager, marketing manager, regional head, and leadership of distributors) through data that would support his arguments. He was able to clearly structure his thoughts and ideas and present them in a manner that all involved parties could easily comprehend. He was also prepared with responses to potential questions that might be asked during such presentations.
  4. Work ethic: When the business was going through difficulty and uncertainty, the overall employee morale was at an all-time low. The overall output of many employees completely dropped as there was a lack of stability in the business. Omar on the other hand did not let this affect him. He continued to give his full commitment to the business until his final days and even volunteered to take up some of the workloads of his colleagues who had resigned.

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