What would you say are the applicant’s key strengths and talents?

Piyush has a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) and is cognizant of how to channelize his strengths and shortcomings. Transitioning from a structured MNC culture at Goldman Sachs (GS) to a startup was never an easy task. However, Piyush was able to adjust to the new work environment, the people around him, the fast-paced culture, and the uncertainties seamlessly. As all of us were traversing uncharted waters, there were many a times when we hit rough patches as a firm, when we spent a lot of time on a deal and it didn’t materialize. I am sure Piyush might have contemplated quitting in one or more such moments. However, he did not and stayed committed to the firm through thick and thin. He had a single-minded agenda of learning more and attaining exposure from the deals he was a part of. It was only at my suggestion that he decided to move to Axis capital in pursuit of working on larger ticket sized deals.

When Tristone started a new business vertical of providing financial advisory support services, Piyush was entrusted with the responsibility of setting up a team of junior analysts from scratch. He accepted the opportunity with open arms and within 3 month set up a fully functional team, whom he recruited, mentored and trained on presentation and financial modelling skills. He motivated the team even when they had to work over the weekends, provided them timely feedback when he observed gaps, resolved conflicts within the team and made them all jell together as one competent unit, which was able to match and exceed client expectations. In our industry, this type of maturity is typically an expectation from people who have more than 5 years of experience.

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