How does the applicant’s performance compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles?

CJ’s exceeds the performance among all other ASMs I manage in West region in all key metrics. He has:

–          Highest login productivity (5.5 vs zonal average of 3.2)

–          Highest Disbursement productivity (INR 60 lacs as compared to zonal average of INR 30 lacs)

–          Sanction ratio above 80% (among the top 5 in the zone)

–          Insurance penetration (more than 4% compared to target of ~2%)

As per me, he has been able to give stellar performance even during the Covid times on account of multiple factors.

CJ is a great at developing relationships with not only his immediate team members, but also members of other departments with whom he interacts. He consistently empowers his team to take up responsibilities, holds them accountable for their actions, and thus groom them for the next phase in their careers. Under his stewardship, many of his direct reports have grown from sales managers to team leads (TLs). While most of the other ASMs I supervise, have had difficulty in retaining high performing team members, CJ has provided an unique mix of performance incentives and work stimulation to all his team members such that we have not seen a single churn from his team for the last 3 years. He empathizes with his teammates, fills in for them (Ex. goes and talks with his teammates customers on his own) in case they are facing challenges in meeting their targets or have to take unplanned leaves on account personal emergency etc. Thus, he has truly gained their trust and respect.

He has an excellent knowledge of product and policy frameworks. While most ASMs are contend with knowing just the technical nuances of the product they pitch to their clients, CJ sets himself apart from others by deep diving into the legal and policy related implications of the product. He frequently interacts with the risk and compliance team within the firm and seeks their guidance and understanding of different legal aspects of his pitch to customers. I distinctly remember a case where the credit team had only given an eligibility of INR 35 L to a customer when he was expecting INR 50 L, and the dissatisfied customer was ready to move onto another bank. CJ stepped in, checked all the details of the file and the customer’s profile, and identified a scope for loan amount increase by virtue of adding the interest on loans as his EMI is obligated, and sent back his finding (along with supporting policy references) to the credit team, who had to revise the eligibility.

Last but not the least, CJ has a knack of building strong bonds with external stakeholders ex. customers, channel partners, builders etc. By simply remembering and wishing the stakeholders on occasions such as their birthdays, anniversaries etc., he has been able to generate several referral customers for the bank.

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