What do you consider to be the applicant’s strengths, outstanding talents or characteristics?

I consider Raghav’s passion to create superlative customer experience, high subject matter knowledge in the field of eco-tourism and ability to high impact marketing campaigns to attract tourists, as his major strengths.

While my professional relationship with the applicant started as that of a client and vendor, where Raghav used to bring tourists to my resort as part of the overall package Nature Wanderers offered, over the last few months, Raghav has become a trusted advisor for me for a lot of new initiatives I am planning related to the resort.

Raghav is extremely knowledgeable about nature, wildlife, sustainable tourism and hence is able to put himself in the shoes of his customers and offer highly personalized tours and services. He doubles in as a guide and photographer and does an impeccable job at ensuring a holistic experience is provided to the travelers. This way he is able to generate a number of repeat customers and get word of mouth publicity. Quarter on quarter increase in number of referrals to our resort from Raghav’s firm is a testimony to his business development skills. He has recently launched a campaign to attract the wildlife photography enthusiasts by starting a wildlife photography competition, where the winner will be rewarded with a 2 nights stay in our resort. This has indirectly assisted in promoting our brand as well.

Raghav passion for nature extends beyond just doing business. He has initiated a number of awareness drives in all the schools of the area to sensitize and educate the children about the importance and current scenario of the natural world, emphasizing on the urgency to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices. The students from these schools have gone on to perform street plays, and dance forms to depict nature in its various forms in front of the tourists visiting our resort.

To summarize, the applicant`s sensitivity, diligence, energy, transparent and fair rate contracting and style of working has made a long term impact on my business and I am confident he will be able to create such impact in his future endeavors as well.

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